Ophthalmologic center GAMA Laser

Is a private medical facility functioning since 1995 as a general ophthalmologic clinic as well as center for contact lenses. Now the center has extended its services to provide laser eye corrections by using excimer to correct the eye dioptric defects. The center is using EXCIMER LASER MEL 80 CRS equipment made by German company CARL ZEISS. MEL 80 is a new generation excimer laser, it combines long term experiences, new ideas and knowledge of Carl Zeiss. The result is the system that belongs to the absolute top among the excimer lasers. The quality and precision of the operation reflects the tradition of the Carl Zeiss company.

EXCIMER LASER MEL 80 corrects dioptric defects of eyes such as short-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It uses optimal profiles of healing. More over, MEL 80 was developed for a full use of customized ablations. Fast frequency of the laser needs eye tracker with fast response. Active eye tracking system that follows active movements of the eye is the guarantee of safety. Laser uses the optimal optic zone of cornea and works with the precision of one thousandth of millimeter. New, very small “Gausian spot” enables not only the correction of the complex eye aberrations, but also reaches very smooth surface.

Compare to the other previous models of lasers, MEL 80 managed to significantly shorten the time of the surgery, while still keeping the comfort and safety of the patients: Patient has to fixate only for a short period of time, Significant reduction of exposition of cornea, Faster recovery after the surgery, Distribution of individual spots ensures optimal protection of cornea storm against heating even when high speed ablation is used, what at the end of the day contributes towards fast recovery of sight, New arm chair for the patient that contains pre-programmed positions makes the whole procedure simpler and faster. Construction and special design, mainly of the optical system, enables high safety of the service.


Our eyes are the most important organ of our senses, they help us to orient in the life and surrounding world. The better we see, the more we can enjoy the life. Sharpness of the sight depends on how the optic picture is displayed on the retina (inside surface of the back part of the eye). Cornea, lens and vitreous are directing the beam of light entering the eye so that they make it focused at some point of retina. If this point of focus is moved before or behind retina, the result is unfocused picture. This defect is explained by doctors and opticians in dioptres.

Thanks to the laser correction of eye sight, everyday millions of people in the whole world are returning to the sharp and focused sight. Try to imagine your life completely without glasses and contact lenses. Current laser corrections are more precise and safer than ever before, they allow simple and optimal correction of short-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Laser correction of sight done by excimer laser MEL 80
- laser correction done million times in the whole world
- comfortable outpatient treatment
- reliable results of healing
- short time of treatment
- tens of years of experience in accurate optics
- totally safe method

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